After finishing his Fine Arts degree in Portugal he worked as a freelancer in Sweden and London. in 2010 he joined The Mill as a VFX Supervisor and Head of the Nuke compositing Department. Over that time Hugo has a Lead Artist and Onset Supervisor managing large teams in more than 100 productions including the VES awarded „Audi Hummingbird“, the „Call of Duty Ghosts“ in-game cinematics, The BBC Music “God Only Knows” to name a few.

Since 2014, Hugo has been working with Fire Without Smoke as a Director and Visual Effects Supervisor working in games trailers for triple-A. He has directed and supervised trailers for Activision, Ubisoft, Square Enix, Sony, Deep Silver, CCP among others.

Hugo is also a member of the Visual Effects Society and part of the advisory board for both the NFTS and Escape Studios. He’s been very active as teacher and lecturer of Visual Effects, making many talks, tutorials and keynotes for Fire Without Smoke, The Mill, FXPHD, The Foundry, NFTS, Campus i12, Animation Workshop, BenQ and Escape Studios all over the world.

Hugo also runs the YouTube channel Hugo’s Desk where he makes free tutorials and videos about VFX, gaming, and tech.

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Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Live Action Trailer

Co-director and VFX Supervisor Hugo Guerra will present the complete behind the scenes for latest Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Live Action Trailer created by Fire Without Smoke for Swedish developer FatShark. Hugo will showcase every aspect of the production and post-production of this epic trailer. Including the Motion control shoot at Stiller Studios, the miniature work, the photogrammetry pipeline, the Houdini simulations, the deep compositing pipeline and much more.


Advance 2D Tips and Tricks for Commercials, Games Cinematic, and low budget productions

How do you make a good VFX shot become outstanding? What can we do to make that final 10% that “makes or breaks” a shot?
In this session Director and VFX Supervisor, Hugo Guerra will share some advanced techniques learned from his 19-year career in the industry. Hugo will dive into grading tips for CG shots, talk about finishing, showcase some advance AOV grading, use 2.5D solutions, use high-quality stock footage, talk about photography for VFX and much much more.  This session will be all about growing your knowledge to have the core-skills to become an outstanding compositor and VFX artist. Please note that most of this session will be conducted with slides, videos or inside of Foundry’s Nuke. The techniques learned in this session can also be used in After Effects, Photoshop, Fusion or Flame.