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Concept art and illustration

Todor Hristov

Freelance artist


Todor Hristov. Comming from a small town of Novi pazar in Bulgaria. Currently live and work in Varna. After graduating with bachelors degree in design in Varna, ive worked as a graphic designer for few years. After that i returned to my hometown to become a highschool teacher in the professional highschool  where i also graduated as a teenager few years back. Teaching painting, techical drawing, scultping and design theory. After few 3 years i decided to finaly pursue my dream to become a concept artist in the gaming industry. Got offered a job in a small web and mobile game developing studio back in Varna. Learned how to paint digitaly and slowly improoved my skills. Year later started working for a similar company in Norway where my practice and learning continued. Focused more closely to illustration and game concept art. From around an year im freelance artist exploring different projects and opportunities. Working on a personal project,live streaming and enjoying my gaming passion in my free time.



Sharing my experience – Todor Hristov

My journey to become a professional artist. Sharing my working, thinking and painting methods. Q&A.

Saturday 14/9


Todor Hristov

Freelance artist

Sharing my experience - Todor Hristov


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