After studying in Seattle at a multimedia school, David returned to Prague. But some time later decided to continue on with his education in animation and participated in a training course for professionals at The Animation Workshop in Denmark under the supervision of animators from the PIXAR studio. In Viborg, he also gained the status of “artist in residence” to begin work on his first short film TELE-VISION. He has been invited to Viborg several times to teach the basics of 3D in the Maya program, and for The Animation Workshop he taught the basics of 3D character animation at the Institut de l’image de l’Ocean Indian on the island of Reunion. The experience with lecturing and the first production of animated films led David to launch the ANOMALIA program already in 2008. David is active in the character animation via producing short animated films and commercials (Kofola, Jupik, Sazka and others). The Rolling Pictures production hired David to animate an advertising campaign of 13 animated spots for Hurvinek and the Magic Museum. He is the only Czech animator who had the opportunity to animate the legendary figures of Spejbl and Hurvínek in 3D.



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2 hour presentation demonstrating the very essence of creative and organizational thinking of a life of a professional 3D animator. Most classical techniques have self-evident workflow. There is no motion until an animator creates a series of images. And no image gets made automatically. So there is not such a need for strong understanding of workflow. It is more intuitive. While in 3D, and because of the fact Maya creates motion automatically for free, the need for solid workflow is essential to be able to stay in control. All Maya generated motion is bad. A 3D animator must be able to deny Maya space until the right time comes while taking advantage of 3D tools, which give us an amazing creative freedom and efficiency. David will try to touch these topics in a free seminar so 3D artists can get a glimpse into the depth of what goes into animating characters in 3D. And maybe get inspired and motivated to earn this expert skill as well.

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