Isabell Mayrhofer studied Digital Film Making at the SAE Institue in Munich. She is currently the Representative and Co-Founder of Unique & Limited, working with a group of artists combining ultra detailed computer graphics and professional photography in order to recreate iconic moments in automotive history and turning them into exclusive, large-scale artworks. She previously worked in VFX Production for studios like Trixter in Munich, Framestore in London and Lucasfilm in Singapore. Some of her movie credits include blockbusters like The Avengers, Iron Man 3, Edge of Tomorrow and Warcraft.



The Production Artist

Every good movie starts with an idea, yet getting that vision onto a screen requires not only great artists, it requires a plan. A structured yet flexible schedule, keeping clients and artists happy. This is where Production comes in. Producers, Production Managers, Coordinators – they all add a piece to the puzzle, making sure the wheels keep turning. But what exactly does each wheel contribute? What’s the difference between every production role? How does VFX Production work on a smaller vs a larger scale? What makes Production efficient and powerful? A look behind and beyond the scenes of VFX production.

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