Czech born London based 3D Generalist with more than 10 years experience in the VFX and the advertisement industry. Jan has found his passion for 3D by learning ancient version of 3DStudio Max in his children’s room. After high school he has jumped right into the industry and worked on several game projects. A breaking point came in 2007 when he started to work at UPP on big budget visual effects. After creating 3D for several films together with the most talented artists in the Czech Republic it was time to move on. During a short stint as a freelance artist for tv commercials and films he joined former UPP colleagues and formed RUR Postproduction. In RUR he had an opportunity to work on big commercials as well as short or feature films, including VFX supervisor roles. After 4 years at RUR came a next major breaking point. Jan moved to London to fulfil his dream to work on the biggest VFX blockbusters. He has joined Dneg London, which is one of the biggest VFX companies in the world. He started to finally shape his career as an asset artists. He is currently a Senior Build TD with expertise in modelling, texturing and look development. Latest project he was working on in Dneg include Dunkirk, Pacific Rim: Uprising, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald and Venom.




Building massive Jaegers for PR2

Behind the scenes of Jaeger assembly line in Dneg. What it takes to build model with tens of millions polygons and thousands geometries? To generate thousands textures and shaders? And what about rendering it? Now multiply it by 10, add few creatures and entire CG city and you have an rough idea, what had to be created for Pacific Rim: Uprising.

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