Jan started his CG/VFX career in early 1990’s, right after the Velvet Revolution. At the time where no Maya or 3dsmax had been born yet. Since the early days of his career, he specialized at lighting, animation and effects. He worked in studios in Europe as well as in the USA and gained an international recognition while working with highly acclaimed directors. During the years he has become VFX/CG Supervisor with a strong focus on a creative process and very close cooperation with directors and production teams.

In 2012 he and his partners establish PFX, one of the biggest postproduction houses in the Czech Republic. Jan works as a main studio CG/VFX supervisor and leads more than 70 people, who work at both Vinohrady and Barrandov PFX‘s locations.

Jan’s passion for creativity and the final image is written in more than thousands of projects he worked on in his career.



600 full CG shots – in 3.5 months. In stereo. In Prague with team of 20 people? Impossible? 

The talk will be focused on the biggest CG animated feature film project in the Czech Republic to date – Harvie and the Magic museum (Hurvínek a kouzelné muzeum). Mainly about the role of PFX studio on this project and its impossible journey of everyday challenges and obstacles. The planning, the pipeline, the Czech´s golden hands, the time and the cloud.

Jan was the overall CG/VFX supervisor for the whole movie and directed all three studios who worked on the film / in Belgium, Russia and the Czech Republic. Jan will share his insights on the project with details of production and pipeline used in the film. You will discover details of international cooperation and behind the screens of artists who made this film possible.

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