After finishing his studies at Filmschool Zlin Martin quickly became interested in the field of visual effects used in movie industry. He used this skill extensively during the production of various personal projects (Star Wars Armies of the Fallen, Chronicles: Prague), later while working for the Czech VFX company UPP and throughout his freelance career. For the last 4 years he focused on directing and creating cutscenes for Kingdom Come: Deliverance (Warhorse Studios), the ambitious Czech RPG project by Dan Vávra.


The Adventurous Creation of Kingdom Come Cutscenes

The cutscene team at Warhorse Studios faced a lot of challenges when creating the 4 hours of Kingdom Come’s cutscenes. In this presentation, I will go through the initial stages of preproduction and storyboarding, describe the motion capture process, how we worked with the actors and transferred their performances into the environment of the game and about our overall pipeline of creating visually polished movie scenes in CryEngine.

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