Michal Kus passion for drawing began when he noticed that he liked to come up with his own shapes. This eventually led him to do some small time concept assignments when he was 19. After finishing his IT degree he decided to pursue his concept art passion instead of continuing a career in the IT sector. In 2011, he started his career officially as a full-time concept artist for ISOTX in Utrecht, Holland, where he developed a special passion for hardware design and vehicles in a variety of styles, ranging from steampunk, diesel punk, to sci-fi.

Since 2013 working as a freelancer, Michal has worked in the game industry with clients such as Jellyfish Pictures, EA Games, Disney, Marvel, and Platige Image. His latest job was working at Sumo Digital as a senior concept artist on the Hitman franchise newest installment, coming out in late 2018.

Aside from freelancing, Michal is also an instructor at CGMA for drawing and render techniques for hardware design and has given many workshops on concept art in entertainment design throughout Europe at conferences like IFCC and Futuro. In his free time, He is developing his own personal project “Project: 1952”, a story about an alternate setting of World War II.



Vehicle design for entertainment industry

In this lecture, I will cover design philosophy, how to explore shapes by using elements from our own existing world, and how to extract that visual information with maximum creative efforts.
Understanding perspective, line drawing and rendering are all skills necessary to successfully showcase your idea with the most clarity and efficiency. I will cover how to dynamically come up with shapes and explore a design and make it presentable and up to the demands of the industry’s standard.


Line drawing techniques

Workshop include 2d to 3d back to 3d line drawing execution, fousing on design on an industry standard level and efficient line drawing. I will focus on how important the fundamental drawing skills are before artists use fancy photobashing, and 3D tools.

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