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VFX Compositor

Josh Parks


Josh parks is a Compositor at BlueBolt, having previously worked for Industrial Light & Magic London, Double Negative And MPC, working on films including The Jungle Book, Wonder Woman, the Martian, Star Trek Beyond and many more.

Passionate about teaching he’s been invited to some of the best VFX Universities in the world, as well as running, a website & newsletter built to share the knowledge of compositing with the now large community that has accumulated due to this knowledge sharing ethos.

His work and written articles have featured in 3D World, 3D Artist magazine, CGtuts+, 3DTotal and 3dvf.


What I Wish I Knew – Lessons learnt so far in my VFX career

Josh will cover lessons learnt through his career, from how to set yourself up in case of short contracts, to working out the best path to succeed within the industry. Josh will give you practical advice you can use straight away getting you to think about the life you want within VFX.


Professional Keying + Despill Techniques

In the workshop, we’ll be covering some advanced Unorthodox Professional keying/ despill techniques to improve your work.

Saturday 22/9


Josh Parks


Professional Keying + Despill Techniques


Computer Room

240 minutes

Sunday 23/9


Josh Parks


What I Wish I Knew - Lessons learnt so far in my VFX career


Main Hall

60 minutes

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