Splash 2018

14th Annual International Festival
VFX & Illustration

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  • 12 sessions
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  • 1-4 workshops of your choice
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Isabell Mayrhofer - Sunday Talk...

By Splash7 days ago

Splash shared PFX's video....

By Splash2 weeks ago

Kurt van der Basch - Saturday Workshop....

By Splash4 weeks ago

Michal Kus - Saturday talk and Sunday Workshop....

By Splash4 weeks ago

Splash shared Kredenc's photo....

By Splash1 month ago

New floor, new lights, new sound system, new seats, ... This is a new Splash experience.

By get_splashed2 weeks ago

Next upgrade in progress. More comfortable listening....

By get_splashed3 weeks ago

Upgrade Main Hall. Finally, the screen in 16:9 Now....

By get_splashed3 weeks ago

There are only 9 days left for an advantageous Early bird tickets for the Splash VFX Festival...

By Get_Splashed11 months ago
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